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Teething Necklace-Giveaway!

I have been a little MIA! My apologies. It has been over a week of sick that I finally broke down and had to go to the urgent care. Now on antibiotics I am trying to recover. Still not 100% but I am working on it slowly. I am thankful for my amazing husband who has been taking care of both Lily and I for over a week. Being a single parent is difficult but he has been a trooper. Im hoping a few more days and things will be looking up. The most important part is we keep this baby in until I am well. I can not even think about going into labor while being sick. Not good. So keep me in your thoughts! NO BABY YET!  The good news is we are almost at 35 weeks which means we are not a guaranteed NICU. Could still happen…but its nice to have that bit of info. Makes for a little less stress. Im shooting for 37 weeks. Yup. Im thinking that should be just about perfect. A little early but not too early. Sound good? Anyway…since you have (hopefully) missed me I thought I would come back with a bang and do a quick giveaway.  I received a special gift in the mail. Well One for me and One for you!  This giveaway is for a Feilok Nursing Teething Necklace!  Its a silicone necklace that mom's can wear while nursing and can be used for a teething ring when the baby is ready. Its super safe and I am excited to try it out.  Since I don't have little Lennox here yet I have not had the opportunity to give my opinion yet…but I will do a write up once I have used it and I will have another to give away at that point as well.  In the meantime who wants to try it? If you are pregnant…or already have a little one this could be yours!  Here is a little more info on what it is...



Details (I snagged these from the amazon listing)

  • Uniquely designed with softly formed edges allowing for comfortable and soothing chewing making teething fun, easy, and enjoyable for everyone
  • Best used by having an adult or mommy wearing the necklace and give it to baby to hold while nursing keeping baby interested longer and providing for a wonderful bonding experience
  • Made with BPA free, odorless, waterproof, all natural silicone with 100% food safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly materials to ensure safe, healthy teething while keeping free from harmful chemicals
  • Threaded string made of twisted fibers added with a swift safety release clasp for additional safety while the necklace is being worn
  • Can reach specific parts of the mouth with its unique shape and edges that you wouldn't be able to normally reach using other rubber teething rings

If you want to view it on Amazon CLICK HERE!

The first person to email me will WIN! Yup…thats it this time. Just pop me a quick email saying you would love to have this necklace! Ill post in the comments once there is a winner.

Would love to have someone try this out! And if you have feedback let me know!

Good Luck~ Whitney


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