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38 Weeks and counting...

Yup. Still pregnant. Despite my best efforts to get things moving. I was 90% effaced and 3cm Dilated as of this last thursday. Baby is super low and the doctor could feel his head (ugh! lol).  So she did her best to "massage the cervix" or give my cervix a deep tissue massage as she so nicely put it! ha ha! I realize we are only at 38 weeks but he is fully cooked and measuring two weeks big. I really want to be able to have this baby without a c-section so heres to hoping he's not TOO big.  All the signs are good to go and he is ready so what in the heck is this boy waiting for?  The anxiety of the unknown is killing us. He's probably thinking you didn't want me to come and now you are saying hurry up? Well…Im gonna take my sweet time now thank you very much. Ha! So you may have seen the blog post a few back at 37 weeks with all the advice on what to try to get things moving.

Here is a recap: (and a few more that were told to me after I posted)

Walking~Check Hike~Check Pedicure~Check Nipple stimulation~TMI Castor Oil~Hell NO Raspberry Leaf Tea~Check Labor Cookies~Check (recipe post soon) Sex~TMI Pressure points~Check Climbing Stairs~Check Spicy Food~Check Pineapple(Aka Pina Colada)~Check

So as you can see some I have done ,some I have not and some are too TMI to be sharing. But at this point I feel we have done our best to help encourage Lennox to get going.  And ZERO luck! I have been having off and on contractions but they stop and do not get any more intense. I would like him to come on his own but if he does not we will most likely be induced at the end of next week.  Babies have their own schedule, I know but it is making me nuts!  And honestly…. its how the heck did I have Miss Lily four weeks early and here we are looking like we are going to have to induce? Seriously?  This does not seem possible. It makes us REALLY wonder what caused Lily to be in such a hurry.  Dan was convinced it was the walk/hike he and I went on the day I went into labor. Yeah well. Shot that idea in the foot…did it yesterday. NO LUCK.

Oh and today? It was MY pick for the baby pool…grrrrrr!  Not that I can win but it was the date I chose (2/22).  Not fair :)

So I give up. Lennox…Hope you decide you are squished enough that its time to join us. Please do your best to come on your own and make it quick so mamma does not die in pain!  Hopefully we will see you before Dr. Barrett decides its time to evict!

Just Waiting (not so patiently),


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