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Stitch Fix-Style Review

A fellow photographer has been raving about Stitch Fix and I wanted to see what all the hype was about.   It is a fun new site that offers a personal stylist who will send you clothes in the mail that you hopefully will love and decide to keep.  I HATE shopping. Seriously. And I am often times clothing challenged and need someone else to pick things out for me.  I told Dan I thought it would be fun to try and review on the blog for other "moms" who hate shopping. He said there are none and I am the only one? What the heck? There has to be more of you that hate shopping for clothes. Now if I get to shop for my little ones I am totally game. But going to the store to find something for myself is terrible. I hate finding things…I hate the cost of things…I hate trying stuff on.  The last time I went to buy clothes was while I was pregnant. I needed a dress for a company Christmas Party. Obviously I was huge and pregnant…and shopping for a dress…Depressing all in itself! Ha! But the whole thing was quite the ordeal. What I wanted didn't exist and I was tramping around to more stores than I cared to visit just trying to find something worthy of trying on. My last stop was at Macy's (didn't even know they had maternity clothes…they were hiding upstairs with the baby stuff…go figure). Found several dresses and was sending pics to my mom to decide. And then I finally gave up…bought 4 of them and left to try them on at home.  Luckily I found one I was happy with but I was pretty much in tears by the final store. I even had my mom online looking for me. I was a hot mess.  So its obvious…Shopping is NOT for me. Back to stitch fix. I filled out a pretty detailed survey about my style, size and likes/dislikes.  And now I wait for my shipment to arrive. They will send 5 items and I have three days to decide to keep or return (no charge for returns).  I am super excited to see what the send! From what I hear there is a chance you may even get items you wouldn't have given a second glance to at the store but having it sent to you and actually trying it on may change your mind.  So I will keep an open mind and see what they have for me.  I will post a review once I get my box and let you know what I think. But if anyone is brave enough to get started on their own…use my link! I get a referral credit which will give me more opportunities to get clothes.  I could use a style makeover post pregnancy so this is a win/win right? They are sending boxes out in May (super busy and booming so they are a little behind) so you have time.  The cost is $20.00 and you only pay for items you decide to keep. The $20.00 will apply to your first order so you are not losing any money!

Ill keep you posted and if anyone has done this or decides to try I would love to hear what you think?

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