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Stitch Fix Review #1

My first Stitch Fix box arrived this week! And I must say I am IN LOVE with my personal Stylist!  I was nervous when the box arrived thinking that I did not give enough specific information past the profile questions. There is a place you can put extra comments in and I meant to say…No colored jeans, no nylon and I just had a baby so maybe no pants this round? Well…I forgot. And figured I would see what came and no big deal as I don't have to keep anything if I don't like it. The box:

And the goods: (minus the bracelet)

The first thing I was happy about was the perfect Color Palette. I loved the teal, grey, creams. Perfect for me and perfect for spring. As promised I tried each piece on. Here is the pics of me modeling the clothes with my thoughts on each.

Andie Rectangle Stone & Sterling Silver Bracelet  $42.00

I don't own a single bracelet. Or wear them. Another oops that I prob should have said no bracelets. Any other accessory would be better. But again…I forgot. And honestly its a good thing. The bracelet is a little big but not too bad and I love that its super dainty and really loved the color. Plus it matched all my clothes in the box. If I had items I was sending back…I "might" have considered also parting with the bracelet. But since I did love the rest I ended up keeping it so I could get the 25% discount on the entire shipment (Basically made the bracelet free). And honestly I really do love it and now I own one bracelet!


Riley Distressed Boyfriend Jean $68.00 (worn in every pic)

Im pretty picky when it comes to jeans. I have super long legs and only certain brands fit me well. I also HATE skinny jeans. I mean….I hated? ha ha!  In my box were these skinny jeans. Crap. I was figuring it was a send back. That and my still recovering from baby Lennox body… there was no way these pants were gonna work. Well…what do I know. Hello adorable jeans! ha ha! I loved the wash and the beat up look. Dan was hoping I got a "discount" for my ahem…used jeans? No Honey…I paid EXTRA! ha ha.  Anyway…I tried them on and decided I needed them. They would be great with boots and I prob should have a pair of skinny jeans instead of shoving my boot cut jeans into my Uggs. ha! They are a little snug but still wearable at the moment which was surprising. And after I loose this tummy they will be even more perfect so I decided to hang on to them!


Aleah V-Neck Heathered Dolman Sleeve Shirt  $48.00 (above pic)

This was the Gem in the box and the whole reason I did this (well I suppose the jeans and bracelet were out of the box for me too). But this was my favorite piece in the box. And I would have NEVER tried it on in a store. Its not as cute off the hanger as it is on. Its super soft….LOVE the color…and LOVE the fit.  I asked that my shirts were not super tight and all three were perfect which means they are wearable now and will be down the road (minus post prego tummy).


Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee  $44.00

I wasn't super excited about the $44 price tag for a T-shirt. But this one was soooo soft and had a little more character than just a plain T-shirt. Its a little lower in the back which I thought was fun and different. Plus it fit great. Had to keep it right?



Sandrine Tiered Sleeveless Blouse  $48.00

My little man decided to wake up during our little photo session so we let him crash the party. Its hard to pay attention to the shirt when you have baby goodness but….This was just cute! Both on and off. I knew it was keeper and it fit great. Perfect for spring and for studio appointments. Both comfortable and can be dressy or not.

My average cost per item was about $50.00. I had selected $50-$100 as my price point so I was happy that most items stayed closer to the $50 each. I know the pants were more but Jeans are worth the extra money in my opinion. Since I decided to keep all the items I was able to take the 25% discount making my grand total $172.50. Not too bad.


For those of you who have no idea what Stitch Fix is:

A fellow photographer had been posting about her experience with Stitch fix so I decided to do a little more research. Its basically having a personal stylist send you 5 items that they feel will fit you and your style. There is a style profile you fill out that helps them get to know you and your size. The more detailed you are the better your shipment will be. One thing I highly recommend is making sure you have a "Style" board on pinterest and linking to it. My stylist did look at mine and I could tell that she used what I had posted as inspiration in my box. I had several things similar to what she sent pinned on my board. Very AWESOME! I really appreciated that she looked at my board as well…it gave it a more personal touch than just their profile questions.

You can schedule a fix for whenever you want or make them monthly. There is a $20.00 styling fee that will be applied to your order should you decide to keep any of the items. You are not required to keep anything and the return shipping is free.  For $20 I think its totally worth trying. If you are anything like me I HATE shopping. And I suck at putting outfits together. It was great to see what someone thought would work well for me. I went through a ton of reviews on their website and was amazed at how different everyones pieces were. It made me a bit nervous as there was a lot of stuff I did not like. However I had to remind myself that their pieces were meant for them and that did not mean I would receive those pieces. As you can see I was pretty happy with my stylist and couldn't send anything back. I loved it all! I am super excited to get another fix!

Here is a pic of the fabulous style suggestion cards they also send. So for those of us challenged in putting outfits together these are AWESOME!


If you are interested in trying it out here is my link:


I get a small referral credit so be sure to use my link! I will post another review of my next box when it arrives!

If you sign up let me know…Would love to hear what you think and when your first fix is scheduled to arrive! Or if you have already tried this service I would love to hear what you thought about it? Im looking forward to continuing with my stylist, Layla. Hope she continues to Rock it!


PS~Thanks to my hubby for taking the pics of me. I wasn't too excited about post baby photos of myself but he pulled it off! Love you!

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