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First ER Visit.

This evening we started our bath routine. Lennox Pukes. Lily Poops. In.the.tub. Yes. Our kids are awesome.  The perfect end to the LONGEST DAY EVER. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Lets rewind a bit. Lily has been chronically sick since Lennox was born. At least thats what it feels like. She started with a double ear infection right after he was born and it just feels like she has never been 100% back to herself. Well that combined with this three year old business that I have all ready had enough of…its kinda hard to say what 100% normal Lily is anymore. Ha ha!

Lennox has avoided the sick germs until now. About 6 days ago little man caught the cold bug from hell that has been holding on for dear life.  He has been so miserable and barely eating anything.  We have been putting along as best as we can trying to get as much fluids down him and praying he does not puke it up.  He coughs so bad it causes just about everything he eats to come back up.  Its been rough for everyone.  Despite his misery he has been in pretty good spirits which has helped my nerves. Until today. This am he was visibly worse and Grandma Nancy who has been diligent about checking in on him this last week finally said better head to doctor and ask to be seen immediately.

A trip to the doctor turned into a trip to the ER. Ugh. Can you say HOT MESS?  Not what I was hoping for and I instantly became a ball of nerves and could not stop shaking. My wonderful assistant, Stacie was with me (thank god) and helped out with Lily while Dan rushed home from work to head to the ER with me (THANK YOU STACIE).

Im obviously not very experienced with ER visits (thankfully) but hello rest of my day sitting... WAITING…and WAITING…Thrilled. I realize we are not really emergency. But can we please hurry so we can go home. Nope. Must wait. And Wait some more. Oh and then we will just send you home. Ummm What?  We were told to go immediately to ER and now you just want to say go home? Lennox had lost a pound in a week and I know he is already a big boy so they didn't think much of it. But he was much worse today then he had been or I would not have taken him to the doctor in the first place. Today was truly a testament of parents know their kid best. The verdict was that we were about 50/50 on what could happen. We could just go home and wait it out and he could be just fine. Or there was a 50% chance we would be back in the am with the same problem. Awesome. So we basically opted to have an IV put in to get him hydrated and have blood work done.  His tests came back all okay which is great but it sounds like he does have RSV.  Regardless I will sleep (well not really) better tonight knowing he is not dehydrated and I won't stress so much if he is puking up everything we give him.  Nights are always worse than day so I need that small piece of mind for at least tonight.

I can not even begin to tell you how much it breaks your heart to see your baby sick. When you can't explain to him what is happening…or give him anything to help.  Instead I just hold him and cry too. I can't handle the dying cat cry that he has right now. Its terrible. I pray that by tomorrow am he will have turned a corner so we can put this behind us and not have another trip to the doctor.

Here is Daddy trying to get Lennox to take some pedialite.

And I don't know how you can look at this and not want to cry…Poor baby boy.


Oh and to top off our week? I think we just bought and sold a house. All in a week. Seriously. More on that later….

Today is also Lily's 3rd birthday :(  Got taken over by Lennox unfortunately. But I will not have a parent fail for that…she will be more than spoiled this weekend with her Pink party and friends/family that will be here to celebrate. More soon on my birthday girl.

And so we don't end on a sad note here is a shot of Lennox yesterday…so see he was in good spirits.

Thanks to everyone who has sent their love. I wanted to recap as best as I could rather than text over and over. Hope you guys will forgive my short texts. Was a little crazy today. But we all survived….Tomorrow will be better right?

~Tired and Exhausted Mommy

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