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Stitch Fix Review- #2

So many of you know we are moving. And those that don't…Surprise! Ha ha!  We bought a new house in Oregon City that is BEAUTIFUL. It was a bit of a whirlwind as we bought and sold a house within a week. Our house actually sold in less than 24 hours…Seriously! We are excited for this move as it puts us in a better school area for our kids and the house sits on 3 1/2 acres with its own pond and gazebo! And if that does not convince you then check this out...

Oh Yes…THAT is my new closet. And it sealed the deal for me. ha ha! The only trouble is I need clothes to fill it. Im serious. We have a walk in closet now but its about a quarter of this and Dan and I share. So I might fill up one section of this and Dan probably the section where the robe hangs…Sad huh? So my goal is to fill it! Shhh…Don't tell my husband! Which brings me to my second Stitch fix box which now is my filling the closet with stylish clothes fix!

I was super excited when I got the email saying my box had shipped and was stalking the tracking to see when it would be delivered. My post person does not ring the bell or knock…They just drop the box at my door and run away which I think is odd. So my last check (ahem stalk) said it was delivered 5 minutes prior to checking. Wahoo! ha ha! I really do love getting surprises in the mail. That makes this whole thing that much more fun!  I have to admit that I cheated and peeked at my shopping cart when I got the email saying my fix had shipped. I wanted to see what items were on their way.  If you "Cheat" it will tell you the costs and the item name but there is no photo and not really a full description so its still a surprise when your box arrives. The top two items I was most excited to see were the cardigan and the maxi skirt.  Seriously. And I think my stylist rocks! As you can see from her personalized note those were the two itms she loved as well. Hello. Match. Made. In. Heaven. I mean….I LOVE my stylist. I got the same stylist as my first fix, Layla. I have read on other reviews that you can request someone. So I totally recommend her and I want to keep her from now on. She has sent me amazing pieces and it feels like she knows me. Even my hubby said she was awesome! Here is my box and little note:

Today I wore the first outfit you are going to see. The Gaby Diagonal Stripe Maxi skirt, black shirt (mine) and Eaton Metal Shape Bib Necklace. We went shopping at the mall (or more walking around as shopping plus me is a terrible combo) And I got complimented on how stylish I looked! It made my day! That is not something I hear but something I wish I heard. And I can take zero credit as I was dressed by Layla! ha! So she gets the love and the compliment.


The maxi is so soft and cozy. I love the shape and the diagonal lines. And in case you can't tell its black with a cream (not white) which I also love.  When I first saw the necklace I figured it was a big NO. It was a little too Wilma Flinestone to me. Even my mom said the same thing from the quick iPhone pic I sent. But I promised myself I would try it on no matter what. AND….I LOVE IT! This necklace is not something I would normally even give a second glance to. Its also exactly why I decided to try Stitch Fix in the first place. Its outside my normal style a bit... but remember…I was told I was stylish today WITH emphasis on the necklace! ha ha. So its a WIN and even my mom liked it after I tried it on! Go Layla!

The next shirt is a Westin Embroidered Henley Knit shirt. This shirt totally reminds me of something I would get at Lucky Store (which I am a fan of). I thought for sure it was a keeper when I opened the box but after trying on it was more of a so so.  As in if I keep everything in the box then Ill keep it. But if I send anything back I might add it in the returns.  Sometimes its cheaper to keep the entire box (with the discount) and I would prob wear it if that was the case. I think if I wasn't still carrying the post baby weight in my middle area (Yes…Its true…My little boy is two months old and I still have a ways to go.) it might hang a little better. Either way it was still a so so. Especially compared to the items I really loved.

The next top is a Rosenberg Dip-Dye Cross-Front Top.  I liked this top better when I wasn't wearing it. Ha ha.  I actually liked how soft it was and the springy pattern.  I was excited to try it on as it was a little different. But as you can see it does not flatter my figure at all. It looks like a baby sling a bit in the front. I think on the right person this would work but it was a no go for me which was disappointing.

The last item is a Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan and as I said I was excited for this piece. And I LOVE IT! Its soft and great pink for spring and fits just right. I snagged my jeans and grey tee from my first fix to make this ADORABLE outfit. Or at least I think it is!

So here is the breakdown of my second fix:

Gaby Diagonal Stripe Maxi Skirt- $68.00 (kept) Eaton Metal Shape Big Necklace- $38.00 (kept) Westin Embroidered Henley Knit Shirt- $58.00 (returned) Rosenberg Dip-Dye Cross-Front Top- $54.00 (returned) Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan- $48.00 (kept)

I am super happy with the three items I kept and am excited to continue with the service and with my personal stylist, Layla. Here is a pic of the styling cards that were included with my fix. I have added them to my collection for when I feel fashion challenged!

So what did you think? Interested in giving it a try? If you want to learn more check out my first review HERE. Or I am happy to answer any questions you might have?  I didn't want to bore you with all the details again if you already know the scoop. And if you are ready to sign up here is my referral link….


I do get a small credit if you use my link…so you get to look stylish while helping contribute to my new closet. A win win right? Thanks for reading my review and thanks to my hubby for taking the pics of me! Oh and I must not forget to thank LAYLA! Without her this review would not be possible!

PS- If you see something you like on this review be sure to tell your stylist if you already use Stitch fix or pin it to your style board!


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