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Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 


I am avoider. Im avoiding too many things right now. Starting with this blog. Mostly because I like to post happy or funny things. I don't want to be the complainer. Its been a rough few weeks for our family. We are working on buying/selling our house which has been beyond stressful. What would really help right now is if we could get an offer that DOES NOT BACK OUT ASAP. Yes that happened. Damn people waited till the last possible second they could to back out. Ugh. So we are back to square one…hoping and praying this all goes through. I know its a holiday weekend…but please someone be out looking…and decide they can not live without our beautiful home. PLEASE. I have been on the road traveling…to Reno and Cottage Grove and am just getting back in the swing of things. So that has been stressful.

And then there is the screaming. Oh the screaming. MAKE IT STOP. It appears that Mr. Lennox has Colic. Shoot me. And no I am not looking for advice or sympathy. It is what it is. I just want the freaking screaming to stop. Now anytime he screams I am going nutty. I know babies cry don't get me wrong. But any peep is nerve wracking after putting up with the colic crap. Lennox is just about 3 months so hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Back to the house…Having to have our house in tip top shape in case we have a viewing and then to be rushed out when kids in toe when we do. Sucks.

Having our house partially packed as were SUPPOSED to be moving at the end of the month. Sucks. (my poor hubby is handling the disaster of his garage quite well)

Not sleeping. Sucks.

The "Terrific" Threes. Suck. LOL

Oh and Portland Water? Contaminated. Awesome.

Im just gonna stop there. Like I said I am avoider. I promise I do not need any sorry's or anything else. Just stating the facts. We will pull through it all and I know half the crap is temporary. So to find a little happiness in all the (insert bad word here-LOL) Lets look at some  positive highlights.

~Lennox was AWESOME on his flights to and from Reno ~Got to spend Quality time with a bestie ~Got to see my Reno family and they got to meet Lennox ~Won $238 on Penny Slots ~Been working like a crazy women at Bliss with some AWESOME shoots ~My bowling team got League Champs! ~Lennox had his first giggles (5/22) ~Got some one on one time with Miss Lily and loved it ~Lily got to visit Skate World ~ Lily got daddy/daughter pedis while I was in Reno. Seriously. LOL ~Lily survived her first trip to the Dentist ~Lennox is at about 8 hours sleeping at night (on a good day…we are getting there) ~My husband is cute (oh you know its the small things) ~I saw a cup that said "I Love you More than coffee but not always before coffee"- NEED IT! LOL ~I tasted a Lime a rita. DELICIOUS!

Ok so see…Lots more to be happy about then not. I can find humor in anything. No more complaining. Cause tomorrow we are going to sell our house. Right?!? ha!




3 Months going on 6.

Lily's 3rd Birthday!