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My Mom Created A MONSTER!

I guess I can't totally blame her. She had help from Disney who has create a million little monsters. BUT back to blaming my mom...She took Lily to her very first movie before Lennox was born and Lily was in HEAVEN! Such a fun experience for her to go to the movies and of course a great movie to start it off with. FROZEN. If any of you have kids there is a chance all you hear all day is "Let it Go, Let it Go" and at some point want to shoot yourself as you catch yourself singing it. Ugh. Yes the Movie is cute. Yes I think Disney did great. But being obsessed with Frozen is.KILLING.ME. Ha! Everything is Elsa this and Elsa that. She has Anna dolls, Elsa dolls, a few other characters, etc.  Dan even took Lily to Home Depot last week to get a few things for the house. Home Depot. You know the safe zone. Tools, Man things....Right. Dan stops the cart in the wrong spot and Miss Monster Obsessed with Frozen spots the WALL DECALS. Seriously? Can we be safe anywhere. Nope. Well now her (thankfully hidden under the stairs so no one can see it)  pink playroom is covered in Frozen stickers. (In my defense the PINK playroom was PINK when we moved in. I get no blame for that!) Yup here it is...


Thanks Mom. And Disney. You guys have both contributed to the madness. And I will be forever grateful. (ahem. Gag. LOL).

~Let it go...let it go...(just try and read that without hearing the song. Just TRY.)


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