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Stitch Fix Review #4

This is going to be a long (BUT FUN!) post so hang in there with me: I skipped a review (#3) on accident!  I meant to share and then I got busy and totally forgot.  I can do a quick recap though. My third one had two items that I loved. A navy maxi dress and a navy/white tank.  I also kept one other shirt. Two of the items I was on the fence. There was a dressy tank that was cute but it was a little big. And then the same thing with the earrings. My son would rip them out of my ears! Plus I don't usually wear earrings anyway. If I did they... are cute.  It wasn't really worth sending anything back as I kept the most expensive items and with the discount it was only like $20 to keep the extra two items. So I had my mom buy them off of me. :) Thanks mom....hope they worked for you!

Here is a couple pics:

Pretty cute right?  Even the tank that didn't fit was still cute.

So here we are at #4. I can't believe I have already done this four times. But remember...Im trying to fill up my closet. AND I hate shopping. So this is my way to get around shopping and spread out the spending!  Plus I have had a few credits to use from my fabulous friends who have used my referral link (Thanks for helping fill my closet! And make me fashionable!) If you are reading this post and have no idea what the heck Stitch Fix is you can read my first post HERE. If you are reading this and can't wait to try it out you can use my link to give it a go by clicking HERE!  Its only $25.oo to test it out (styling fee) and if you keep anything that $25 is applied to your order (oh and free shipping and FREE returns).

I don't know why but I always surprised when everything fits so well.  There have been very few items that I have not liked the fit on.  Everything in this fix was perfect and flattering. I don't usually request items I just tell Layla anything cute :)  This time I asked for a Mustard Cardigan which she had suggested would go with my navy maxi in the last fix. I am guessing that is probably out of season and may not have it anyway but she sent a CUTE jean jacket instead. It will be cute with the maxi too! And I love the wash. I swear my notes from her are perfect! She always says her favorite pieces and they are mine too.  I think Dan is enjoying this a bit too as he gets to take some pics of me so I can make a post. I know the last few images were all "selfies" and iPhone pics. But the photographer in me has to have a few more "pro" pics to share. And luckily I am married to a pro :) I will say that I think I was so excited with all the clothes and getting pics taken that I forgot one of the shirts!  I love it too....I just totally forgot. But I took a quick iPhone pic of it too.

Im not sure if Lily is more excited when I get a box or me? That girl LOVES clothes. She barely lets me open the box and take a couple pics before she is (literally) trying it all on. It takes away my fun a bit when she is destroying my new clothes...lol but its fun to watch how excited she is. Silly Girl.

Little big for her? But she did not want to share! Oh and PS...that top she is wearing was the piece I forgot! So lets start with that:


Leigh Drape Back Tank -$44 This coral colored tank is super cute. The back drapes in a fun way to give it a little something more.  Its super soft (all of my items are! LOVE IT) and I really do love the color. Would be cute with some jeans had I remembered to snag a pic. But here it is not on...


Ginsberg Metal Bib Striped Tank- $68

This tank fit so perfectly. Its black and white so I figured the BW photos were okay to post. Its super soft and falls just right. I was concerned I wouldn't like the "bling" around the neck or bib as its called but it actually helped dress up a cozy tank. Great with a pair of heels and some cute jeans for the nonexistent date night. Ahem. I mean. Date night.


Annie Abstract Floral Print Linen Short- $78

Lily my little photo bomber. She didn't want Daddy to just take photos of me! So these shorts. Well...Lets just say I cheated by looking at my shopping cart once my fix shipped. It does not give full descriptions or photos but you get the title and price of each item. I like to at least have an idea of whats coming.  I keep thinking I won't cheat and I do it every time. Eeek. Cant help it. But again these shorts. I read the description. Laughed. And said...those are def going back. Yup. Floral Linen shorts? You are kidding me right? Well....Layla did her magic cause I love them! The gray/black pattern is totally fine and the shorts fit great and are super comfy. I dressed them up with heels (hard to see in the grass) and I think I got a whistle from Dan. Success. LOL


Garland Geo Print Maxi Skirt- $58.00

I have a bunch of photos wearing this skirt but I wanted to post one without the jacket. I LOVE maxi skirts! This is cozy and the fun pattern is great. I even had the two perfect tank tops to wear with it in my closet. Whew. And of course Lily looked great wearing it with the Coral tank that was in my fix. Ill post the rest wearing the jacket.


Anusha Sweet Wash Denim Jacket-  $74.00


I really love these last few pics. Especially the final image with me and my little princess. So sweet. So of course the whole outfit is a winner right? The jean jacket is awesome. I have old ones that I got rid of that I hated. This has the perfect wash and fits great!

I don't have anything negative to say this fix. Maybe a little crazy expensive on the shorts. But in all honestly I don't really care how much each individual piece costs. I look at it as a whole box. If I keep all five things how much?  This one was about $200 for me. I had a small credit and I got the discount for keeping everything. So in my mind $200 for the 5 items I got is totally fine. I have already wore the shorts and will be wearing the skirt for tomorrows shoot. Love that I can be cozy and stylish for work! Its been a nice change.

Hope you enjoyed my review. If you have any questions let me know? Or if you want to give it a go you can always ask for Layla whom I think Rocks! Agree?  Special thanks to Layla for helping me appear stylish! And special thanks to my hubby for the beautiful pics!  I feel weird posting photos of me so I am glad my daughter photo bombed a few! Stay tuned for a couple more this weekend...Dan took some with my son and with both kids and me as well.

Here is my link to Stitch Fix!



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