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Three Dandelions

Im sure most of you know that I co-own Sticks & Fuzzies with my friend, Samantha.  We started it years ago (before kids) when I needed props for Bliss Studio. Together we started crocheting hats and cocoons that I could use for shooting. Over the years we have grown both in our abilities and in our styles. We hardly crotchet anymore. Instead we have been utilizing our sewing skills and expanding to more fun and unique products.  We also have really been using our kids as inspiration for what to make. This makes each new product super exciting.  The last few months we have decided that we wanted to go ahead and grow the business a bit more. We have been making beautiful dresses for our three girls (and even a few fun items for Lennox) and it has made us realize that we needed to make a few changes to our business. Staring with a re-brand. We originally came up with Sticks & Fuzzies as we (or more I....eeek) called crotchet hooks, Sticks and the yarn Fuzzies. Im a goof. But regardless it defined exactly what we were doing at the time. Since we have changed we started talking about our inspiration and what it was that was pushing us further in our creativity. That is our Three girls. (Lily and Sam's twins, Esme & Ellerie). The second major inspiration for us was these dandelion knot dresses that Sam made.  

Lily is wearing a different dress...but I love this pic so I wanted to post. Here is another shot of the Three girls. Lily is wearing a dress we made as well. Its the "Princess" version of the dandelion dress.

I can not even begin to express how much we both enjoy making dresses. And just how much our girls love them! We also can't go anywhere without people asking where the dresses came from! Love it.

So.....We have combined our inspiration and decided to make the big change....We are now "Three Dandelions".  Our three little girls will continue to inspire us and what we design, so it seems only fitting to have them be the foundation of our rebrand.  And don't worry....Lennox is still helping. He is making us realize it can't all be about the girl stuff. Bow ties and boy toys are in the works!

We are still on Etsy and we are currently applying for local craft fairs. Please take a peek at our Etsy shop (link is always on the right side of the blog) www.threedandelions.com. We are adding product as quickly as we can make it and are always up for a custom order if you see something you like. If you are interested in a knot dress let us know. We have fabric to make all three dresses you see in the above pic as well as a couple more in the works.  We can  make sizes 2T-8. Christmas is coming and Homemade gifts are the BEST!

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And we have hit 100 fans. We are thinking about doing a giveaway for a CUTE halloween fabric bag. We just ordered this adorable fabric....(stay tuned for more info or keep an eye on our Facebook page).

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and our shop!


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