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5 Year Olds...

Spending the day with 5 year olds is quite amusing. They are SO CUTE...and the things they say just cracks me up. Today I helped out in my friend Ali's kindergarden glass. I try to help once a week if I can and I really enjoy it. The kids call me "Miss Whitney" and are all smiles and hugs when I am there. Melts my heart and makes me want to go back! Today was hilarious. One girl says to me (while pointing at my big belly) "It looks like you have been eating a lot of food" giggle...giggle. She KNOWS I am prego...but this she thought was too funny :) Next she decides to paint me a photo. She explains that the photo is of ME and my BIG BELLY! LOL. What a cutie. And yes I laughed....The things kids say (and can get away with right?). I am looking forward to our little one being 5 and seeing what she says. And hoping Miss Ali gets to be her teacher! She is the best! Here is the photo of ME and my BIG BELLY!


More New Goodies...

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