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Bathroom Redmodel

Well Im averaging a post a month. Go me. Ha!  So rather than wallowing in the past Im just going to push forward and stay fresh. So Happy New YEAR!  Lets start out with a bang with a fabulous bathroom remodel that I have been wanting to post and just needed a few finishing touches before it was camera worthy. We finished up the bathroom styling over the holiday break and just got the images to pop into frames this last week. Honestly the bathroom was painted promptly after we moved in as you will see from the hideous before photos there was no way in HELL I was living with that any longer than I had to. I was going to put a sign on the door that said "this is not my fault" ha ha ha!  Lucky for me my best friend, Josh has some fabulous skills and he repaired the ugly right away. Before I get to far ahead let me show you just what the "Ugly" entailed:


Now lets see where to start?  The "Cave" had the most fabulous design created from a caulking gun. And the ceiling a wonderful Dark green (hard to see in this pic but you can see in the next). Oh and next to the mirror....yeah thats a fake dirt vase with a fake weed in it. All just fabulous and totally the worst room in the house. Now I know someone obviously loved this and probably watched some design show and got all inspired. Well. For me...THIS.HAD.TO.GO.IMMEDIATELY.

In comes Josh. And we begin. Even he know there was know way he could put off helping fix this mess. I am happy to be patient on other things that need to be done but again this was far too embarrassing even for me. So first up....The calking has to go: (the first pic shows you the fabulous green ceiling)


Alright...All prepped and ready for paint. (Thanks josh for taking care of the worst part. I think this is actually an improvement! ha ha ha ha).

Now we paint....We are going for a more spring color palate in our house so the choice for the bathroom was a lighter blue.

We sat on this for a few days and it was still bothering me. Too much blue. So more poor husband got stuck with another project. Beadboard. Lucky him. Ha ha. However I think it made a world of difference in breaking up the blue. Im really happy with the end result and the fact that it is so much brighter and no longer a dark cave. It isn't always the best idea to paint dark colors in the smaller rooms. Who wants them to feel even smaller?  Im also really happy with the finished decor. I found it a little more challenging to decorate a room that does not have a bath/shower.  But a little creativity in both the shelve decor and of course the photo art and its finished.

What do you guys think? I especially love the baby bun photos (one of Lennox and one of Lily). Such a great place to display those adorable shots! Hope you guys enjoyed the before/after posts.

More Soon!


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