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A little of this and a little of that. (Day 16/17)

Since I missed yesterday (yes again...ugh). Ill just  make this a random post and combine two days into one.  I just got home again...been a weird week which is not giving me as much sit down at the computer time as I would have liked.  Oh well. Moving on.... Today....Is my sister's bday. Happy Birthday Dest. In honor of you....Or maybe me? I had a nerd slushy. Yup. Thats right. A NERD SLUSHY. My guilty pleasure:

It is DELISH! Thank you Sonic! And the best part? It was $1.00.  Happy Hour Half off at Sonic! WAHOO! Its a little off the beaten path sooooo....

Today I also got my hair done. Which led me to the nerd slushy. I mean...It was to celebrate Dest's bday from afar :)  It was a nice break from the kiddos and a little pampering for me. A win/win. Very thankful for today.

Today (well technically yesterday I think...its all blending together) I found out I actually have someone in on the snail mail challenge with me! Seriously! Im excited she is on board. I will be mailing my Jan and my Feb tomorrow :)  She even made a cheat sheet to help hold herself accountable:

Pretty awesome. Hope a few more of you are joining the challenge!

Today Lily got mail. Have I mentioned my daughter LOVES getting mail. She can not wait for me to check it to see if their is a "package" for her. She cracks me up. Lucky for her she has Grandma's that don't live nearby so she is pretty spoiled with the packages. This was in the mail for her today:

Dan's mom has been hunting down these very special books for Miss Lily (and Lennox too).  She was very excited!

Thats my random wrap up for today. More tomorrow.....And for those who have been reading along and hanging in there with me. Thanks! It makes all the blogging worth it!


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