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House in a state of chaos

No time to post this weekend. My house was being destroyed by these two:

Okay Im kidding. It was destroyed but only because we are PAINTING. And by "we" I mean my bestie Josh and my hubby. I was supervising. LOL (and watching kids...shesh...give me some credit).  The 3rd photo makes me laugh and my stomach turn all at the same time. The ladder was a little shaky and I think we may have by passed the weight limit. I don't know who was shaking more Dan or Josh. Ick. But all is well and no one died or got hurt in the process of decorating my house. ha ha ha.  So we were getting rid of the baby poop brown that was a bit dark and made me feel like I was in a dungeon. Even though I have vaulted ceilings. I know seems silly? However it really was dark. Especially now that we have painted in a much lighter "Cream Brûlée". It is cream with a hint of yellow and BEAUTIFUL! Ill post a good "after" shot soon. Still waiting for paint to cure so we can put our art back up. But here is a sneak peek...

Thanks to my hubby and poshy for making me HAPPY :) Love you guys!