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Just Pregnant

My cousin, Stacy, wrote me a few days ago checking in on how I was doing and the pregnancy. She said a lot of people either LOVE or HATE being prego...but for her she just WAS Pregnant. For whatever reason this just cracked me up! Its pretty much exactly how I feel. I am "just" pregnant. Nothing more...nothing less. Been trying not to complain and just trying to get through it all. In fact the newest joke is "I'm Done"....Yes...Done. It was fun while it lasted but Im good :) Now, this does not mean I am ready for Lily to be here. I think its just that I hear the last stretch is the hardest and I have been pretty much fine thus far. So I figure if I am done now than I survived with flying colors right? Wishful thinking. Dan said to me yesterday he is actually ready for Lily. Crazy Man! Im trying to enjoy these last 85 days of quiet! ha ha!

I should have some maternity photos to share soon! Keep an eye out...


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