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Creepy Easter Bunny

Am I seriously the only one who thinks the Easter Bunny is creepy? I mean really. Have you been to the mall and taken photos with that thing? I say thing. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about that creepy bunny. No way will I take my kids. Ill happily bear the title of "bad mom". Or the" good one" if you are on the same page as me. Besides I kinda want my kids to know their cute easter baskets are from mommy and daddy and not that thing. The only bunny I think is sweet is the REAL one that is on the cadbury egg commercial. (however I can't get past that bunny "Crapping" out my favorite Easter Egg candy. Gross).  So who's with me? Creepy? or Love it?  Who actually took their kids to the scary bunny in the mall? I won't judge you. Promise. Just curious if I was the only one that can not hang? I was sitting in dance class this am with my daughter listening to one of the other mom's talk about how she hated the crazy easter egg hunts. And how she was the "Bad" mom. I think we all have our traditions and whatever they are that does not make us a bad mom. I don't take my kids to those crazy hunts either but we have our annual tradition and we hunt eggs and spend time with great friends. Every year! Its a blast. I also always have Easter Baskets filled with goodies and not one item of Candy. No joke. Ill take a pic of them tomorrow morning and post. I don't give Lennox candy obviously but I have managed to fill baskets with items every year that does not involve candy so I think Ill stick with it. Its more challenging but more fun in the long run as my kids get things they need (even toothbrushes...although not this year). I think this makes me a GOOD MOM! Right? ha ha ha

Today we had our Easter celebration at the Sanows as we have ever year since Lily was born (5 Easters now the first was spent in the hospital with Lily as it was the day after she was born). It was fun to see Lennox try to participate. He just wanted to throw the eggs. Then when he realized there was crackers in them...he just wanted to sit and eat crackers. Forget finding more eggs. I conveniently (oops)forgot my camera and was being a camera snob and wouldn't use Dan's. Well I guess I did for a minute...but it was difficult ha ha.  Here is a shot of the kids post hunt.

I promise Lennox has at least 4 eggs in his basket. ha ha ha.  The girls are all holding their golden eggs which each contained a heart ring. I love this shot. Its just as they are. The girls: With Lennox looking up at them. Poor guy is seriously outnumbered.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Easter tomorrow!

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