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A week of crazy

I blame myself. Why must I make crazy? Seriously? And once I have too much on my plate I don't want to do any of it. Instead Ill drink beer and sit. Right. Don't worry....Everything will get done. Im good under pressure. Lily is turning 4 tomorrow. Whoa. Thats the first crazy. FOUR???? Amazing we survived. I mean....amazing she is four :) Β She is turning into quite the little lady and she is sooooooo excited for her birthday. Im hoping I can post a follow up on the week activities but here is what we have planned: Thur- Party at school (More on that below), While at School Dan and I will be upgrading/decorating her room to a big Four Year Old room. Fri- Pony ride with friends (bonus adding friends) Sat- Bowling in PJ's with family/friends Sun- Birthday Party

Can you say spoiled? Oh yes....and its my fault. But the excitement makes it all worth it. She has had to be a big girl for a lot of parties the last couple months and I have been very proud of her. So its her turn and a little spoiling will just have to be okay.

Back to today. I literally just finished up 40 elephants. Yup you read that right 40 ELEPHANTS. Her school has a little party for the kids on their birthdays and we are supposed to bring a little something for each of the kids. I thought, "Oh no problem, I can make something cute. How many kids 20?" uh huh. Try 40. The two classes combine and I guess we have to make sure both are in on the fun. Lily helped and she LOVES giving presents we made to people. So *sigh* Im sure it will all be worth it. Here is a pic of my craziness...

More soon on the birthday festivities....


Happy 4th Birthday Lily!

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