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Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 

Whoa...where have I been?

My last post. April 23. Its almost July right? Whoa. That is sadder than I thought. Honestly Im pretty sure I have been a walking zombie. I can't completely blame my kids but maybe partly?  I think someone is sick at all times and we might get a few days of no sick before the vicious cycle starts all over again.  I wish I was lying. But Lennox has basically had an ongoing ear infection since Feb. Its awful.  And the end of the road is here....he gets tubes put in his ears on Monday. Im a mess. Literally. I know it will be TOTALLY fine. At least I keep telling myself that every time someone says its a basic surgery and only takes 15 minutes and all will be well. Does not change the fact that its surgery. My poor baby boy.  Hopefully the tubes help him and he can stop having ear infections. Its hard to blog when you are half miserable. I don't like complaining (who wants to read that anyway) and sometimes in the midst of everything its hard to find that happy. Im trying though and hopefully everything will resolve itself and we can start really enjoying summertime!

Ive been shooting...a LOT! Which is both good for business but also good for my heart. As cheesy as that sounds its the total truth.  I like helping make magic happen with my camera (I say help because my models really ARE the magic). So for the month of June I have been shooting almost everyday. Some are paid shoots and some are just because I want to shoot!  I have been grabbing my kids too when the light is right or I feel inspired or I just need a mood lifter (it really works....try it! Or at least find the thing that is good for your heart and spend 15 minutes doing it).

We will consider this my short update and mini catch up and Ill see if I can get it together to post happy posts of my two adorable kids. Bear with me. Ill give update on surgery next week (its booked for 6am monday morning).

Here is random shots of my cuties that if you are on Facebook you may have already seen. I realize they are almost all Lily...I have been having her model for me a lot lately. Lennox is a little harder to wrangle without a helper. Sometimes mommy/daughter time is the best though.  Ill post more soon and thanks to those who have been giving me crap about not blogging. I promise I still love you.


Kiss and make up

Happy 4th Birthday Lily!