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Lily Turns Four! (Day 1)

I think this might turn into a 4 part post as lily's bday festivities were a full weekend of fun and craziness. Im not sure how it all happened?  I think there was a little mom guilt as I knew her actual party was going to be small. Which for a four year old she didn't even notice. But I felt bad so I made her have like 4 parties. Im CRAZY. Lets start at the beginning. Lily's bday was April 23rd (yes don't remind me that it is now July). It fell on a thursday.  Since moving into our new house we had not yet decorated her room so I thought that would be the best start of her bday festivities. Thursdays the kids go to daycare so Dan took the day off and together we completely re-did her room....Painted and big girl bed!  I can't believe we pulled it off but we did. Lily wanted a pink room (ahem-gag) but I found away to make us both happy. Our house is a spring color palate so I pulled a pale pink for the walls and decided to do an Alice & Wonderland inspired room.

I took a few before pics. And I of course made sure they were the most awful and messy they could be. You know...to add a little drama to the reveal! ha ha.



In progress:


I am so in love with her room and I was so excited for her to come home and see it. She knew we were decorating it while she was at school.  While Dan finished cleaning up I ran to go get her. While at school she had a little party with her bday timeline so I snagged a quick shot.

Since her room was her main bday gift from us my mom had a gift ready for her to open as soon as she got home. It went along with the theme so we started there before heading upstairs.


Seeing the joy when Lily finally got her gift from us made everything so worth it. Our big girl has her BIG girl room.

After the reveal we snuggled with chesire kitty and watched Alice & Wonderland. A perfect bday celebration!


Party Festivities cont.....



Four Year Old Festivities Day 2

Kiss and make up