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Bday Festivities Day 3

BOWLING! Yup thats right. Lily wanted to go bowling for her bday (might have another bowler in the family...I can hope right?). I "think" she heard a commercial on the radio about bowling in Pj's (I think?) or she heard it some how and had it stuck in her head that we were going bowling in PJs. Well lucky for her, any excuse to wear PJ's in public is good for me. And our friends are all good sports (or just happy to have an excuse as well). Every single person  (adults and kids) humored her and wore their Pjs'! What a bunch of awesome friends. Lennox even sported his glow in the dark PJ's. Thank you to Tigard Bowl (Mark & Lori Pearl) for helping us have an awesome time and making this special for Lily! Even the board wished her a happy bday! I love small town bowling alleys!

(PS it was glow bowl plus an iPhone...so not the greatest pics)


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