My Bliss.

Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 


Said Me. NEVER. ha.  Shooting my kids is always "Joyful". But somehow I manage. And sometimes...even under the worst circumstances the shot happens. Even less than perfect. Its the Shot. Like this one...

Isn't that just simply amazing? Me trying to get a shot of my kids together. No, they were not interested. This is far from perfect. But then again...It kinda is. Ha.

I got a few more from this impromptu session. I actually was at the studio getting ready for a session after my kids (dan was on his way to get them) and I thought I would warm up but attempting to capture some good shots of my kids. Well not only did I not have an assistant, its incredibly hard to not have another "parent" there either. Let me chase my TWO kids in a parking lot trying to make sure they are not getting run over while looking through a camera lend and taking amazing photographs. Yup. Its the life. Here is what I got (oh and the BEST part....It started raining 5 minutes after I shot this. My actual shoot for the day ended up canceling. At least I got to shoot something! Ha)

A little collage of Lily...cause seriously how can you pick one out of this bunch! Hilarious.

A little snuggles. Love the negative space in this photo.

And this face. Oh boy. LOL. I might also point out my son had a bit of a black eye. That was fun to retouch. The things we do.

More of my handsome little man. Pretty sure he was yelling at me in this pic.

Laughter. And you know. Only one kid looks at the camera at a time. Good thing these things are CUTE. LOL



A little piece of heaven close to home...

Camping at the Harlachers