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Crazy week ahead...

Im in Reno this week. My little sister is getting married and its chaos! So much in fact that I squeezed in a photo shoot with my niece and nephews yesterday (Ill share pics soon)....and while there this happened.


Im not sure which is worse. The fact that my sister in law noticed the giant hole in my shoes or the fact that I hadn't even noticed. I wear the shoes all the time. Who knows when the hole happened. But clearly Im too occupied with life to care what my shoes look like. And never mind that Im in Reno and these are the only shoes I brought with me (unless I want to try my hooker heel, wedding shoes...ha ha ha).

On a happier note. This is part of the bridal party gifts. Cracks me up.


Going to be a crazy week. More soon.

Off to buy shoes....


We Made IT!

We Made IT!

Basic Invite- Review

Basic Invite- Review