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Thursday Buzz from Grandma: Halloween Part 1

I am going to start a fun little series that is going to feature our guest blogger.... My mom, Teri, aka Lily's grandma.  We are going to call it the Thursday Buzz from Grandma. Each thursday she will be a guest blogger and will share a fun post that may be a memory, a tip or just something from Grandma's point of view.  If you have any topic requests be sure to send them over.  She is already working on a bunch of fun ideas for the upcoming weeks.  I hope you guys enjoy reading a little from Grandma!  Be sure to give her some blog love and make her feel welcome :)  Thanks MOM for joining!  Its going to be fun! Here is her first official post with a few images she took of my nephew Landon.



Trick or Treat and Safety First  

Halloween already, really? Scary things can happen but we really don’t want to be a part of any horror story…

If you decide to stay home and hand out treats, there are many things to consider for safety. If you decorate your home and entryway to welcome all the little creatures of the night, you should be considerate of things like not being too very scary for littler ones and keeping your walkway, yard and porch well lit and free from monstrous debris that could cause falls and injury. And please don’t forget to be fire safe and flame free with outdoor pumpkins and lanterns. Never leave a candle with a flame burning unattended in a room while you hand out treats at the door. One chilling Halloween, we had a small Halloween candle fire in our living room where our little “goblin” was handing out treats that ended with a “firefighter” Dad to the rescue who slipped in the water used to put out the fire and broke his wrist. It could have been much more disastrous!

Treats should always be fresh, store bought and wrapped. If your little Goblins are planning to go out Trick or Treating, make sure that they are going to have an adult along with them at all times. Remember when we used to go out trick or treating all by ourselves in our homemade costumes and we didn’t come home until everyone ran out of candy and our pillowcases were full, times have changed… Before you leave your castle, remember to extinguish any Halloween candles that you may have had burning.  Use properly marked crosswalks and lights when crossing streets and watch for speeding hearses. Carry a flashlight. Do not go to homes that are dark as some people do not celebrate Halloween or may just not be home. Remember not to let your little princesses and cowboys eat any treats before you can examine them carefully in the light at home.

Halloween is a very scary 11 days away!!!

Be ready, and be safe and have fun!

We’ll meet again Spiderman!

~Teri Troke...Lily's Gma.

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