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Thursday Buzz from Grandma

Yep, it is November already AND only 52 shopping days left until Christmas! And yes, I hate all of you that are already done with your Christmas shopping. Actually, I probably would really miss the whole spirit of the season if I was already done with my shopping, since I will admit it is a part of the whole experience for me. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It is a great time for family, food and festivities, (and maybe black Friday shopping adventures if you are brave). Our turkey day last year was quite eventful with a family rhyming game with clues that Whitney was pregnant with baby Lily, so unexpected and very exciting. This will be her first Thanksgiving. The Nevada part of our family will be celebrating at my son and daughter-in-laws house with her family also coming into town from Oregon this year. I have been making the Thanksgiving dinner for years; it is a special treat to be able to enjoy the kid’s holiday food again this year. I am looking forward to it and want to plan to maybe bring a special dish to contribute since I will have more time to concentrate on one item. Does anyone have a traditional or special dish that they have every year on Thanksgiving? Please comment with your favs, I may want that recipe!

I probably will be working my retail job on black Friday. Some of my fellow employees where I work at TJ MAXX/Home Good store told me last night that last year it was horrible and one girl even said that it was the worst day of her life, LOL! I have a black Friday story myself. A few years ago, I was out with a few co-workers Christmas party gift exchange shopping for our crew of 700, yes, that’s right, 700 gifts! We are talking butt crack of dawn at Wally World, seriously? Our supervisor had stationed us few ladies with shopping carts strategically next to the huge pallets stacked with electronic items, (the pallets were surrounded by guards). Our supervisor told us to grab all of the electronics that we could once the store “officially” opened for black Friday. It was chaos, AND when we looked around, said Mr. Supervisor had mysteriously disappeared… Other shoppers were saying things like, “There they are, they took all the DVD players, not fair, etc” We were very afraid of the mob scene and threw our jackets over the stuff in our carts and went away as quickly as possible. After the insanity had ended, we found said Mr. missing Supervisor nonchalantly hanging out in another department! We let him know that we would NOT be participating in this holiday shopping adventure aka set-up ever again.

Today my Mom would have been 72 years old. I miss you and love you MOM! I will be thinking of you as always on this holiday too. My daughter Whitney was born on November 12 and her first Thanksgiving was at my Mom’s house. Of course, she started crying as soon as the dinner was put on the table, (this was per the norm at the time). My Mom said, “Please let me take her and you eat.” That was my MOM.

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