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Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 

Catch up time...

Lots of good and bad stuff been happening around here and I need to catch up on my blogging!  Dan was in New York for a week so I was playing single mommy and that made things a little tough and put me behind in life, business and just about everything in between.  Lucky for me he took this week off so I have had a chance to breathe.  I do want to say thank you to ALL my friends who helped me out last week!  I appreciate everyone of you and it made my week "alone" much easier.  You guys know who you are and you are AWESOME!  I could not be more thankful. This week we photographed Lily's 6 month photos. FINALLY. It took a couple days but we were able to get them done.  We were even able to snag a quick family shot (thank you Dave Hutt for shooting it).  I will post that here but you will need to check back for Lily's 6 month post soon (hopefully Monday).

For now...I have a sick little girl. She has caught her 1st official cold. I can not decide who is more miserable? Her? Or Us?  Its been a rough couple of nights including sleeping on the couch so I can get at least a few hours of sleep.  Thankful again Dan is off work or I dont know how we would do it.  Me plus no sleep is NOT pretty.  Bringing us back to the first 3 months...Not what I had in mind.  Praying it passes quickly so we can get back to normal. Whatever that is :) lol.

Here is the adorable family shot of us...

More Soon.


Quick Pic...

What happens with Dad....Stays with Dad.