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Sushi Anyone?

I am only posting this because I think its funny. I love Sushi. Okay not really....I love only certain types of Sushi and yes it must always be cooked :) You know like a California Roll. There is one hole in the wall Sushi place in Reno that my whole family LOVES. In fact I go at least once if not TWICE everytime I am in Reno and usually its.... I land in Reno and we head straight there. We have our favorite guy who always works and calls me "Miss Picky" but he makes me exactly what I like so its a fair trade. The actual funny part is...one....The name of the place is called Sushi Teri (for those of you who dont know my mom's name IS Teri) and second...My favorite Roll on the entire menu and a must have is the LILLY ROLL! I didnt even realize it as I dont usually order off the menu. Her name is going to be spelled with only one L. But still..... she can now be told she shares a name with my favorite sushi roll! ha ha ha ha ha Poor Girl!


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