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Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 

My Art...

I have said it before. I am the WORST person when it comes to getting prints on the wall. And I don't get it. I decorate for my clients all the time....But for some reason I like to hang empty frames on the walls and wait for the right image. Ummm...Pretty sure you should find the right image THEN frame or figure out how you want it displayed. You would think I would know that. Yup. I suck. So we have had empty frames that were a gift from Auntie Jenn and Uncle Jordy hanging as well as frames by our TV that have been empty for longer than I want to admit (and honestly...there is still one more needing to be filled!).  I FINALLY put some prints in the frames and am so happy with my Lily faces staring at me!  First we have the TV wall which shows the two faces of my girl :)

And second we have the series from Auntie Jenn and Uncle Jordy (LOVE the frames! They were just waiting for the Perfect series!)

Its hard to tell in this little photo but this is a series of Lily holding an old camera.  Love the series and it was exactly what I was waiting for.

I will post some more as soon as I fill the frames!


Lily Video

Random Lily...