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It’s December 1st! Hopefully everyone has survived the 1st holiday of the season and are now probably deep in the midst of planning, shopping and decorating for what’s next. Some of us may even have our trees up and decorated already! The TREE, hhmm, it’s been such an issue in our home every year. We actually had a really nice fake tree for a number of years, since passed on to my youngest daughter. For those of you that do not know me, I live in the high desert of Nevada. And let me assure you most definitely that cactus and Joshua trees are not my idea of a Xmas tree option. If one of those sounds just like your kind of quirky fun holiday tree, you will have to check because I am not even sure if you can get a permit to cut one of those down. There are actually forests in Northern Nevada that are not too far away from home. In recent past years, the family has purchased permits to be able to go and cut a tree down. Well, that sounds like great fun right? Well fun, yes maybe, however this is probably only an all around great experience if you are from Oregon or somewhere else where all the trees in the forest are equally beautiful. And when you cut one down and bring it into your home, it is magically transformed with the tree’s beauty and fragrance. Nevada, trees, well not so much. They are not what I would call beautiful and most definitely are not fragrant, more Chuck Brownish, if you get my drift… Last year, we actually went to a lot and bought an Oregon-grown Noble fir, the most beautiful tree we have had in years! Unfortunately, it did cost significantly more than the $10 tree permit price we had been paying in the past few years to cut down our own tree. My son and his wife were so disappointed with the last sad looking tree that they cut down here once they got it home, that they went out and purchased an Oregon-grown Noble Fir tree at Costco. So, this year, as much fun as everyone seems to have had in past years with the permit and tree-cutting, traipsing through the snow-forest adventure, we will not be going with the permit plan for the 2nd year in a row. And this year for a guarantee of the most beautiful and fragrant tree we are also going to Costco for the $45 Oregon-grown 7 to 8 foot gorgeous Noble Fir. Next week, take a peek back at my blog while I continue on this same topic, well sort of...to talk about tree decorating.

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