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Ultrasound Pics...

Well we did it...went to our doctors appointment yesterday and "found out the sex" but not really. Im DYING! Yes DYING! I have a sealed envelope that I get to stare at until Saturday. Awesome. Yes I know it will be worth it...but there is only a tiny little white envelope keeping the news. Hmmm....Maybe I should try and hold it up to the light? Actually better yet...I need to hide this silly envelope so I am not tempted until its time to find out. It will be a nice surprise for Christmas so I need to remind myself that. We were able to view most of the ultrasound which was fun. Our little one is a wiggle worm...doing summersaults during the exam. It was a good thing though as "it" moved right when it was time to view the ummm "parts". So it was ready to let us know what it is. Here are a couple photos that were taken. There is a head, hand/arm and a foot shot. The "surprise" photo is tucked away in our envelope for Saturday.