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B. Products

Found a new product line that I really liked. Its B. and can be found at Target.  I wanted EVERYTHING.  But had to settle for a couple. Dan kept taking them out of the cart and I kept putting them back in. It was pretty funny.  They were supposed to be for Lily for Christmas but umm well....umm...I think she needed something NOW right?  So I broke down and opened the phone.  She will still have a couple gifts from us to open and I figure there will be plenty more for her to open from other people. Here is a couple photos of the toys we bought.

The real reason we went shopping was to buy Lily a new computer. Yes..its true. My 7 month old is going to have an iphone AND a computer! LOL. Spoiled.  She will not leave ours alone so it was the only thing I could think to do to maybe help the situation. I realize her computer is not as cool as ours...but at least its something. Here is what happens when Lily gets ahold of one of our computers...

She is way too excited to play! And here is her computer we got her for Christmas...

Going to be FUN to play with!


Letter to Lily for Christmas

Lily "Almost" Crawling