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Okay this post might be a "little" TMI...so if you dont want to hear about prego peeing...sign off and wait for another post! LOL. Dont say I didnt at least warn you!

So I am NOT trying to complain...Really. Just pointing at an annoying fact of being prego. PEEING! EVERY 5 MINUTES! Okay...maybe not quite that bad...but I tell you what... this is one of the most annoying parts I have had to deal with. I am one of those people who can pretty much hold it all day...Or at least all night no matter what. I NEVER get up in the middle of the night to pee. So getting up 3-4 times every night to pee is just plain annoying. I know the argument is "Its preparing you for baby"...Fine. But really? Dont I deserve all the non-interupted sleep I can possibly get NOW. Why should I have to be tired all the time before Miss Lily arrives? Makes no sense...thats all I am saying. Obviously I am surviving and obviously its not that bad of a "side effect" as I like to call these prego things that happen. But I still think the peeing should be kept to a min and should LET ME SLEEP!

Okay Im done...ha ha ha. Hope you guys agree :)


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