My Bliss.

Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 

Miss me?

Its been forever I know. But with the Crazy Holiday and traveling to Reno...I am behind in every part of my life.  But its a new year and time to get organized and catch up right?  Right. If only it was that easy.  There always seems to be something going on. Right now Lily has caught herself a little bug and has been keeping us up all night AGAIN. Will this ever end? I have an 8 month old. I think night time should be a piece of cake. A week away sleeping in a Pack N Play in our room meant no sleep for us....Finally getting home I was so excited that she could finally be in her crib...and then she catches a sick bug. Go figure.  Enough complaining...Im just sleepy :)  I will work on catching everyone up on the holidays and Miss Lily but for now here are two pics we took yesterday while at the doctors. You would never know she was sick? I mean....playing with the paper is the BEST part about going to the doctor right?

A little Mirror Video...

Thursday Buzz with Grandma...