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Shower Part Four...

Am I driving you crazy yet? Just a few more posts I promise. Its fun to spread it out...then my 3 blog stalkers have something to look forward to right? Here are a few more gifts I thought it would be good to post. I wont be able to post everyones gift...So forgive me if you dont see yours. We LOVED everything we got I just wanted to pull a few that I thought would be good to post.

First I forgot to post the cute little tags my sister-in-law, Jenn made for our seats.

Next we have a Diaper Tower that Jessica MADE! Wow right? I thought you could buy these things but she made it from scratch! Sorry about the photo Honey...but its the only one I had :) The tower has already been taken apart, washed and put away! Thanks Jess! We LOVE IT! So fun and so creative!

We officially have Lily's first camera thanks to the Kraft's! I was scared when I saw the potential noise maker in the gift back. Im always the "Aunt" who buys the drums and anything noisy. All I was thinking was paybacks...Until we opened up and saw that it was a Camera! Too perfect! And its actually the perfect amount of noise! Thanks B & T! Its awesome!

This next gift was from my brother and sister in law. The sheep is SO SOFT and is a pillow with a super soft blanket that wraps up inside. Perfect for traveling! I think the sheep is a nice touch to my cozy chair! Thanks guys! So CUTE!

This keepsake is a gift from Lily's Grandma Teri...aka my mom. I LOVE IT! Its an adorable piggy bank but I guess its more of a watering can/butterfly bank? That would be more appropriate. Its beautiful and looks great in her nursery. We are putting quarters in it and once its filled we will add it to Lily's savings account. My mom started it off with several dollars worth of quarters but it still has a ways to go to be full. So if you come to our house...better empty those pockets! LOL Thanks Mom. Lily is going to love it!

SHOES! Love these cute shoes! Thanks Melanie!

I really love all the special custom/handmade items we have been getting. These are from Grandma (aka my mom) who had them designed just for Lily. They are burp rags with the cutest embroidery on them! LOVE THEM! Plus an adorable blanket also embroidered with Lily's name on it! SO CUTE and SO SOFT!

There is so much more that I can not even begin to post it all. Tons of clothes...as well as necessity items such as baby monitor, changing pad, bath goodies, sheets, mattress pad, traveling kit, more awesome handmade items etc. I may post a few more things along the way when I need a post. So sorry if I did not "feature" your gift on the blog. Dan and I LOVED everything and are very Thankful!



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