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A Rose by any other name…  

What is in a name? Everything! Names are so important. They are yours forever and your name is the first thing about you that others hear to form a quick impression of who you are..

Choosing your new baby’s name is usually not an easy task. You might have had a special name in mind forever; however your significant other may not like your choice. You most definitely want to choose a name that you both like and a name that will fit your baby and also be able to grow with them.

I have always preferred unique names, although it does not seem so now. It is funny how 32 years ago, Whitney was very unique for a name. Whitney Houston was not even famous when I chose the name for my Whitney. As Whitney grew older, it got very very popular and now there are Whitney’s everywhere. A lot of names these days seem to work for either a girl or a boy. This is kind of funny in a way and also quite trendy right now as well as different. Some parents can also get very creative with the spelling of their kid’s name, (this may seem like a cute idea now), but no one will ever spell their name right and that is not going to seem like it was such a good idea to them later in life. I know about that one first hand. Last names can be horrendous enough, so be kind and think about the names you choose to bestow on your children.

And seriously people, what are some of these stars thinking? Do they think their precious little star packages will never come in contact with other kids or be made fun of for the silly names they were so “thoughtfully” given just because Mommy and/or Daddy are famous? I really don’t think they will be able to escape being mocked. Here a few crazy names for little people with stars for parents:

Apple, Atticus, Banjo, Buster, Calico, Caspar, Coco, Cruz. Ignatius., Kal-El, Lucky, Moon Unit, Moxie CrimeFighter, Phinneaus Walter, Poet, Seven Sirius, Zowie, Zuma Nesta Rock….


~Teri Troke- Lily’s Gma

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