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Almost Home

Hello to all our friends and family who have been following along. We are sorry we haven't been keeping the blog up to date but it has been a crazy week. Whit will fill you in on all the details soon but here is an update for those who haven't been watching Facebook.

Well we got moved to a private room last night. Now we can stay overnight with Lily. She is breathing with no assistance and her oxygen saturation is normal. Hurdle number one is over. She is eating better now as well, up to 55 ml every three hours and Whitney is working hard to keep production up. No help or tube feeding for a couple of days. Hurdle number two down. The jaundice is going away, no more photo therapy. Hurdle number three complete. Today she gets a bath and the mighty car seat challenge (to make sure she can ride home). We have baby CPR class at 4:00. Only a couple more hurdles to go. We are hopeful we can bring her home today or tommorow at the latest.

- Dadio


Lily has Arrived!