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Thursday Buzz with Gma...

Surprise, last minute trip to Portland for a 3-day weekend tomorrow! So excited! I haven’t seen Lily since Christmas. All the pictures I get are really great but definitely not the same as one-on-one Lily time.  Little ones grow way too fast, one minute they are babies and the next thing you know they are toddlers. I am missing out on so much and she really doesn’t even know me. We are working on more trips back and forth this spring and summer. I know once Lily can communicate and understand, she will eventually know that I am her Gramma and how much I love her and miss her too.

I am really looking forward to hanging out with her Mommy and Daddy too and getting to spoil Lily a little, (well ok, maybe a lot), will be great for this ol’ Gramma.

Thank you Whitney and Dan!!! Can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow :)

Teri Troke- Lily’s Gma

Thursday Buzz with Gma...

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