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House of Zombies...

I HATE BEING SICK. Period. However it is definitely worse when your baby is sick and there is nothing you can do but hold them and cry too.  They cant tell you what hurts...You cant really tell them it will be over soon...they cant blow their nose (didnt realize how much of a blessing that is until I got sick again!).  So happy Lily is on the mend. Still a little snotty but in much better spirits. Now Dan and I...we caught the bug :(  Sad us.  So now we have a happy spirited little Lily wanting to play with two Zombie parents. Poor thing. I have a few posts to catch up on as I am just getting a few minutes on my computer. My life has been pretty much on hold the last week.  Lets just hope I can kick this FAST!  Here are a couple new pics of my little princess as she started feeling better!  

Pick me up already Daddy...SHESH!



Sticking out the tongue makes EVERYTHING more fun!



Dont touch my BABY!



Green Contest...