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Thursday Buzz with Gma...

Little girls… Yesterday, Whitney asked me where she can get hair bows for Lily; she wants to put some in her Easter Basket. HMMM, we know from experience that they are hard to find in stores. I tell her to make some! That is what I did for her when she was little. Then I proceed to send her tons of hair bow pics from Etsy vendors. There were even some great ideas for her crocheting talents.

So then, I am in Entrepreneur class last night where we are all presenting our business plans to the class when this scruffy guy gets up in front of the class carrying what appears to be a lot of hair bows, uh yep, hair bows! With the help of his wife….they are launching a handcrafted hair bow business. This idea came about when they had their baby girl recently, (I think they have little SEVEN boys), and I guess their new little princess is pretty much bald. Whenever they would take her on an outing, pink dress and all, people were saying, “aaawwww, what a beautiful baby boy.” So, his wife started making hair bows for their new little girl. People are asking them now, “Where did you get that adorable bow.”

Funny how strange things happen in the course of a day.


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