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Yummy Dinner...

I seriously cooked. Again. Its a miracle. Or maybe its daycare? Probably a little of both.  Its amazing how many "hats" a working mom has to wear. You have to be a Mom, Wife, Worker and somehow find time to be yourself. Or I mean find time for yourself. Its not the easiest task I will admit and I feel like I fail in one of the areas each day.  But Im trying.  I am happy to say Daycare is going well and its really helping me to get more work done during the week so I can have family time on the weekends (with a few exceptions to having photo sessions from time to time).  My office work is done while Lily is at daycare and when I finish I have time to pick up the house, run errands and even cook dinner.  I think Dan is a happy hubby the last couple weeks. He is probably wondering why we didnt do daycare sooner! Just kidding.  My goal is to at least cook something once a week (hopefully fridays) but we will see how long I stick to it. I dont claim to be the best cook. I usually leave that up to Dan.  Friday however was a pretty delicious dinner. GO ME. ha ha ha. Or should I say Go Pinterest?  One more reason I am thankful for that dumb thing.  I browse it on my phone...pin yummy looking food and then go back and figure out what I am cooking.  I found a Cilantro Ginger Baked Tilapia for dinner served over brown rice (which I usually hate but I did it!) and I also made some cream cheese and asparagus filled rolls and a cole slaw lettuce salad with cucumbers, peppers and Lemon dressing. I am pretty sure Dan was impressed. At least his plate was cleaned in minutes and he made sure I took photos first!  ha ha ha. Here is a couple photos:


And just to make Dan EVEN happier...He has been requesting cookies instead of cupcakes. So I also made him Chocolate Chip Coconut Cinnamon Cookies. Points for me! LOL



Both the dinner recipes are in my "Sweets & Yumms" board on pinterest (blisswhitney) or let me know if you want the recipe and I can add it to this post.

If you made it to the end of this and are still reading :) All this cooking made me think it would be fun to post more recipes from some guest readers.  I know there are some of you who are GREAT cooks that have good recipes.  Will you share?  Email me those recipes AND photos please (ones you took of your yummy meal would be awesome!) And IF I test out your receipe there will be a small prize.  If its not a "Whitney" meal as many of you know I am a picky pain in the butt when it comes to food...dont worry...I would still like to share your recipe on the blog.  So fire away.... info@blissstudio.net  Looking for Spring/Summer Recipes.




Happy Birthday to GMA!