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Happy Birthday Lily! (Part One)

Our little girl is ONE!  So excited for her and for us! ha ha.  We made it/she made it...into the toddler years we go.  We had a party this past weekend with family and a few close friends. The day was all about Lily and everyone who loves her.  She enjoyed the day and all the kids!  I was so proud of how good she was all weekend will all the chaos.  I think she knew it was all for her :)  I have so many photos that I want to post...from both the party and a trip to the zoo we took as a family on her actual bday.  I wanted to spend the day with just the three of us and let Lily see some animals.  I will probably spread the festivities over a couple of posts so hang in there with me. Let's start with some party decor! We made the party a Spring Flower themed.  First up is the handmade invitations with hand sewn envelopes and I also stitched directly on the invite.  I am a "little" crafty :) I love the textures and colors of these invites...

The invites always help me set the look and theme when I am planning a party. Its always a fun project for me and I love creating something new.  The spring/flower theme was perfect for Lily's 1st Bday. We had flowers EVERYWHERE in our house. It was awesome. I went to costco and bought a cart FULL of flowers and made my own custom bouquets! Here is a couple photos of some decor...

I know you cant tell in this photo but during the party we had a slideshow of photos of Lily's first year playing on the TV...

A couple more of the decor:

And yes...I know I have an empty frame hung on my wall. For a photographer thats pretty bad.  BUT in my defense...I am waiting for her one year shoot :)

Dans idea and FAVORITE part of the party decor was our entry hall.  When you walked in you got 3 lines of photos of Lily. They were hung with hemp string and itty bitty clothespins. They are all iphone and/or instagram photos.  It was a blast picking them out and hanging them up.  I also think it added a nice touch! Good idea Honey!

The guest book was hand cut flowers that everyone wrote on.  Each flower will go next to the photo booth strip I had them take and put into an album for Lily!  I am still working on the album...I will try and post a couple photos when its complete.  I will also had the photo booth pics to their own post. There is some FUNNY ones.

We also added a little "Lily Collage Savings" sign to our change jar.  It really is what its for :)

I am going to end part 1 here.  Stay tuned for craft, food & gifts!


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