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Diaper Lottery

I just want to say I am SO THANKFUl for the diaper lottery that my shower planners had for me! If you dont know what that is...The invite to the shower said for each pack of Huggies Diapers a guest brought their name went into a drawing for a prize. I think just about everyone that came brought diapers...plus we had a huge diaper tower that my friend Jessica made. Here we are two months in and we still have not had to buy a single pack of diapers...AND we still have plenty. I think we might make it to 3 months with the supply we have! Thank you to everyone who played the game. I know buying diapers is not the most glamourous gift but it is the most needed and we are very Thankful. And for those of you that have not had a baby shower...Be sure to pass this idea along to your shower planner! ITS AWESOME!

Here is a pic of the HUGE diaper pile we received...


Dan's 1st Fathers Day...

Mini for Lily