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Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 

Finding Balance

Finding Balance

It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.
— Philip Green

New Blog. New Look.

My goal for this year is to find Balance. So I am starting here. I have combined my two blogs into one. Yes, you read that right, two blogs. Not everyone may have known that, but I had a blog that was exclusively for Bliss and Bliss Clients and one that was personal. Keeping up two blogs with everything else I have going on, is next to impossible. So the solution is to combine them. I figured a blog is really just an online journal and a place for people to learn a little more about me so joining the two together just makes sense.  

I have created 6 new categories for this blog so you can choose to only read the areas you might be interested in. 

  • Studio- Bliss (photography) posts
  • Life- Random postings about  my family and life
  • Style- Fashion, Design and decorating
  • Create- Sewing and Crafts
  • Eats- Recipes and food
  • Learn- Tips, Tutorials, Patters

    Everything I post should fit into one or more of these areas. I will make sure that future posts are all tagged with the proper category but Im still in progress of tagging old posts. Don't fret if some of the categories do not have posts yet, they will be there eventually. 

    Take a little time to check things out. If you see anything that is not working properly please feel free to let me know. I have been working hard on this update and there may still be some kinks. If you have areas you love or want to see more of leave a comment letting me know. 

    Thanks to everyone who has followed along on my blog in the past. Im looking forward to continuing forward with this adventure. 

    Life Out Loud
Turning Three is Amazing.

Turning Three is Amazing.

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