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Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix Review

You may have seen my reviews in the past. Or possibly just shares on facebook, but I am a huge Stitch Fix fan!  My stylist rocks and saves me from shopping, so I seriously LOVE her. For whatever reason I am okay to shop for my kids, or for my house (my husband needs zero help) BUT when it comes to clothing shopping for myself...UGH. Just Ugh. 

So along came Stitch Fix. And like magic. I am sent a box of 5 items that a personal stylist chose for me. I filled out a profile with likes/dislikes/sizes/etc and give feedback after boxes arrive so my stylist can get to know me even better each time. I also request to keep my same stylist, cause like I said, she ROCKS. 

My latest box is FABULOUS!  Its "almost" a 5 out of 5 for me. It would actually be a 5/5 but one item is just a touch to big (insert sad face here).  I wrote a note to my stylist letting her know I was heading to Texas to see the Silos this week and wanted some spring attire to wear. (Yes, you read that right heading to MAGNOLIA! Wahoo! Stay tuned for trip photos!)  She came through with flying colors and I now have a couple of adorable dresses to wear on my trip!

Yesterday, I grabbed my wonderful photographer husband and had him snag some photos so I could share what was in my box! So here we go...

Pale Sky
Danlaur Crochet Detail Top

Love this top! It is lightweight and perfect for summer. The sleeves give it a nice boho style. Its cute with jeans and a pair of black heels. 

Franco Sarto
Daniessa Wedge

These are ADORABLE! They are an orange/red that match the dress that you see here perfectly. This was my (insert sad face) as they were slightly too big and need to be returned. I am usually good on shoes but needed a size down on this style. 

Kolten Denim Jacke

It seems Denim is making a come back. I was a little unsure on this one but it is actually quite cute and works well over a dress. With spring and summer right around the corner I needed a lighter jacket to wear (see my stylist is magic). I realize this is more of  a headshot but you get the idea. Its a white jean jacket...and a winner!

Renee C
Wynne Knit Maxi Dress

This was my favorite piece in the box!  I love the pattern and the colors in it.  It was a perfect match to the shoes and looks great with the white Denim Jacket. I really love it when I have boxes that have some coordinating pieces. I plan on wearing this to Magnolia pending the weather is nice while I am there! 

Fortune + Ivy
Keta Keyhole Ruffle Detail Maxi Dres

My daughter, Lily was IN LOVE with this dress. She asked me if she could have it when she was older. ha!  She even tried it on hoping it would fit her! (When a Stitch Fix box arrives, Lily enjoys trying everything on with me, it is quite adorable actually).  This hot pink dress is fun and flirty and will be great for a dinner out this weekend. 

More formal Details:
So what do you think? A great looking box of goodies right? Do I have you convinced to give it a try yet?  There is a $20.00 styling fee for a box to be sent to you (no shipping costs). IF you keep at least one item from your box the styling fee of $20 will be applied to that item. If you keep ALL 5 items you get a 25% discount on the entire box. You can schedule shipments to come when you want them (I am currently getting them every other month). They have boxes for men or women now AND if you give it a try please use my referral link HERE! I would LOVE to hear what you think and if you LOVE your box! Getting surprises in the mail is always fun right? The biggest challenge in not cheating to see what is in your shipment! HA!  You will get an email saying your shipment is on its way...I say NO CHEATING! Wait until it comes and have the big reveal be in person! 

Hit me up if you have any questions. I have been getting boxes since Lennox was a baby (4 years now?) and still LOVE this service! I hope you get an awesome stylist and enjoy it too! 

NOTE: Thank you to my wonderful hubby for the pics!

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