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Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 

Mothers Day...

My husband is the sweetest!  He obviously knows me too well as he found the perfect gifts for me for mother's day....Clothes, Necklace, Craft and handmade.  I think he covered his basis.  He got up with lily on Sunday and let me sleep in (first gift technically).  Then he made a donut run (yummy!).  First gift....Was my favorite and really all that I needed. Handmade by Dan and Lily...




The second gift was a necklace he found on Etsy. I am of course a full supporter of Etsy and LOVE things handmade.  The cool part about this is I had a similar necklace on my pinterest board.  It is actually the same artist and he didnt even know it.  His necklace choice is better than what I had pinned! LOVE IT!

"Lilly Necklace"

I didnt take photos of the last two gifts but he found me a gray sweatshirt with a camera on it! Super cute.  And then the day would not be complete without a craft project right?  He found a homemade soap kit for me!  Yeah!  Guess we will be playing with that this weekend :)  Thank you Honey for the amazing gifts!  I dont feel I deserve all that.  Love you guys!


Thursday Buzz with Gma...

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