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Sometimes I think, what will I say today, what can I blog about, maybe I should just skip this week, because surely I have run out of things to say… What I usually do say typically has something to do with what is happening, an event, a date, or maybe a milestone.

Today, I just want to say that I love my grandbabies more than it was ever possible to imagine. When you are young, without even thinking about it, you hear and see other grandparents doting on their grandkids, or you had your own grandparents doting on you. Even if I ever did think about it, probably didn’t… It is indescribable to me now, hard to put into words really, the feelings that I have for my own grandchildren now.

I had no clue that there would be these special little ones in my life that mean the world to me now and that I enjoy so much.

I am thankful that they are healthy, so perfect, so beautiful and I want them to know how very much they are loved!


Teri Troke-Lily’s Gma

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