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Are you a Mommy Blogger???

I know there are at least a few of you that read my blog and also have your own. My husband seems to think that Mommy Bloggers are the next big thing? What do you think? I know Miss Lily's blog seems to be sorta popular :) How can you resist the little cutie right? ha ha. I will admit I enjoy looking at my friends and clients blogs just to see what they are up to and see how big the kids are. Oh and I like to make sure they give Bliss a little love....JUST KIDDING! But seriously it is fun to read, learn and see what is up. Dan also thinks that these same mommy bloggers are wanting photo tips and tricks as they are constantly posting photos of their kids. What do you think? First are you a mommy blogger? If yes...dont forget to pass along your URL....Second...Do you stalk other Mommy blogs? Whos? And last...Looking for photo tips and tricks? Or anything photo related for your blog?

Just curious! Hope some of you will share your thoughts...


Frames Finally Filled...

Video from the Babysitters