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Frames Finally Filled...

Being a photographer I have NO excuse. And in fact if I knew my clients were doing this I would cry. Yes I am going to admit it. I hang EMPTY frames. Wow. Cant believe I admitted it but its the truth. I have had these frames up in our bedroom for longer than I remember (or at least longer than I am going to openly post ha ha). The excuse I am using is I was waiting for Lily! Although that is a big lie as we only decided we were gonna have a little one a small 12 months ago (oops...that puts a bit of a timeline on those empty frames).

The wait is finally over! I have filled the frames with photos of my beautiful girl and I am so happy to wake up and see them on the wall in my room. If there are any of you that have Empty Frames on your walls. COME SEE ME! I will help fill them! LOL

Here is a couple iphone pics of the "Filled Frames"


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