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Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 

Gloomy Saturday...

We sit here hoping this dreary day is going to get better...Every once in a while the sun gives us a glimpse but who knows. Feels like spring rather than being officially summer. So the three of us are holed up in our house having family time. Hard to be motivated when the weather is poop.  Instead I am "thinking" of all the things I need to be doing but who wants to do it? Maybe I need more coffee? Or LOTS of sugar...or maybe red bull...Its supposed to give you wings right? ha. So should I clean the house, craft, work on Bliss Work, write a book (thats a whole different project), Or just sit and Stare at Dan while he works? ha ha ha.  Dont worry. This is just while Lily naps.  Otherwise I am occupied playing with her...as that is more important than anything. Sunshine...Please join us again real soon!

More soon~


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