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All things Etsy/Handmade Day 1

I decided for the next week I will share shops and things homemade that I love.  This will include shops I am a part of too...but there are quite a few others I love and thought it would be fun to feature them. We might also have a giveaway or two so keep your eye out! Being a crafty person I really do appreicate other peoples' talents and crafts. I know the hard work and time involved in making something.  So when I can I try to support my fellow Etsy sellers and other artists. Hope you do the same :) So today my feature is...

"Little Sapling Toys" (an etsy shop)

I did not know about this awesome shop until Lily's 1st bday.  She received this awesome gift from the Sanow family...

A perfect wooden, personalized camera. LOVE IT. (best part it makes NO NOISE! ha ha ha). After the party I had to check out the shop right?  And there are all kinds of awesome handmade wooden toys.  Great gift ideas if you are looking for something!

Here are two pics I "borrowed" from the etsy shop:

Still trying to decide if Lily needs more fun toys? ha!  Probably going to revisit for Christmas! LOVE the handmade goodies!

Hope you enjoy todays feature! Be sure to visit their Esty shop...






All things Etsy/handmade Day 2

Gloomy Saturday...