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Taking the Good with the Bad...

Its amazing that the smallest thing can feel like the end of the world. Lily has been a bit difficult the last few days and I think there have been tears from both of us. Passing her off to Dad when he gets home from work has been heaven. I feel bad even complaining.....and as I sit here tonight I realize that we really have to take the good with the bad. Everyday is not going to be perfect. And sorry no baby is a perfect angel EVERYDAY. There is going to be days that just plain suck and days that are better. And of course those smiles will help you realize that is really is all worth it. I am a fix it kinda person though and when I am dealing with a screaming, fussing, difficult baby who is not eating good I want to cry. I want to know what the heck is wrong? "USE YOUR WORDS" is what I want to say...LOL. I was pretty upset tonight and Dan reminded me how lucky we are that Lily goes to sleep so easy for us. Not a lot of effort or fight. I know some people have lots of trouble. She is also mostly sleeping through the night. We havent had to feed her in the middle of the night but she does wake up and need a binky replaced and last night I did have to rock her back to sleep at 4am...but its only been about a week. So no complaining right? I think I just want to be a good mom and make sure my baby is okay. When I dont know whats wrong it does make me want to cry. I want her to tell me so I can fix it. But I have to remind myself that there is not always a perfect solution. Babies fuss. Im trying, learning and doing what I can...but this baby business is HARD WORK :)

And dont get me wrong I LOVE my little girl.....Just dont love fussy :) I think that is understandable.

Here is Miss Cuteness after she knows she has driven me batty. I think its her way of "making up". Could she look any more innocent? LOL

Thanks for letting me vent....Fingers crossed life will be back to "Lily Normal" tomorrow! ha ha


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